Today, Dynafit announced the release of an all-new ski touring boot designed by brand ambassador and all-around badass Eric Hjorleifson. The first thought that comes to mind may be “did Hoji finally make that elusive boot so we can all ski like a ninja and send huge cliff drops in BC?” Well, not exactly. It is not another freeride boot, but rather something better: the most comfortable, warm, and efficient touring boot Dynafit has ever made.

Hjorleifson teamed up with Fritz Barthel, the man who invented the tech binding over 30 years ago, to create a boot suited for the everyday skier who craves huge days in the backcountry. The stiff three-buckle boot can charge downhill but was specifically designed to have one of the most efficient walk-modes for those long uphill days.

Over the last four years of development, the team learned many valuable lessons from their older Vulcan platform, which set a standard for downhill performance, but was never able to live up to their expectations for uphill and walking functionality. Barthel realized that a ski boot, especially one with as many moving parts as a ski-touring boot, is essentially a “little machine” (now imagine Barthel saying that in a German accent to a boardroom full of Dynafit execs). Thus, it should be approached from a technical engineering standpoint.

The Hoji will be offered in a full range of men's and women's sizes.

Hoji’s new boot features a completely redesigned walk mode mechanism, the Hoji Lock, which provides not only a 55-degree range of motion but a completely slop free interface between the cuff and lower of the boot. The video explains the mechanism’s internal moving parts. Notice how the cuff engages with the lower shell on both sides? This translates to a stiffer boot and immediate power transfer to the ski when charging downhill. The transition between walk and ski mode is accomplished by flipping one switch on the back of the boot. No more undoing countless straps and buckles every time you transition.


Article by: Max Ritter

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