Italian alpine products manufacturer Salewa is known for its boots, which have a reputation for being durable and supportive over the long haul. Now the company is taking it up a notch by making changes in the design of its popular Mountain Trainer Mid GTX boot that makes it easier on your legs when descending even the steepest mountain path.

Salewa changed the design of its Mountain Trainer Mid GTX after talking to mountain guides who regularly complained that the descent was the hardest part of a hike. On a descent, feet take a beating and leg muscles are strained in a much different way then when a person is ascending. “This is when footwork gets careless and stumbling, or tripping become more likely, and why we developed the Mountain Trainer Mid GTX,” said Salewa Footwear Product Manager Giordano Vechiet.

The new Mountain Trainer Mid GTX add a new Bilight Technology midsole with a Flex Collar, both of which work together to make it easier on hikers’ feet during the descent. The Bilight Technology midsole is designed with extra flex and cushioning in the heel, allowing it to act as a spring and helping to absorb impact when descending. The midsole also is ergonomically designed to cradle the foot, so it stays comfortably in the sole and doesn’t slip or slide when traveling down steep terrain.