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Better at climbing or downhill? As of winter 2018-19, you can zap this basic question from your vocabulary when it comes to ski touring boots. Because at that time we will be saying, “Whichever!” The HOJI Pro Tour ski touring boot combines the best of both worlds with the innovative Hoji Lock System -- The upper and shell are linked together in one cohesive unit. The result: Downhill performance like an Alpine ski boot

This won over the 2018 ISPO Award 42-person jury with members from 15 countries. The judges panel crowned the HOJI Pro Tour as the Gold Winner in the category Freeride/Touring Ski Boots. No other ski touring boot in this category garnered more votes.


What do a chocolate bar and an iPhone have in common? You got it. Both are more than twice as heavy as our new race binding P49 that weighs in at a mere 49 grams.

Together with the DNA Pintech by Pierre Gignoux Race Boot, binding and boot become one, the Pintech System. The interplay of pins and inserts was flipped on its head and thus enables an even simpler and quicker entry into the binding. Now, the pins sit directly on the boot. With the smooth, but nevertheless robust spring system, the pins glide directly into the P49 binding’s toe piece, which has been reduced to the essentials.

 Such a thing has never existed before this! That is why the Pintech System was able to prevail over 200 entries at the ISPO Award 2018 and now carries the rank of Gold Winner in the category of ski touring bindings.