Styles and technology may change, but our principles have never wavered. Today, we still stand by the same core values we were founded on in 1907.

  • Conduct your business with the utmost integrity.

  • Do what your competitors cannot do.

  • The customer is your top priority.

  • There is no substitute for quality products.

Wilson Orson Wells (known as W.O.) launched the Wells Glove Company in 1907 with $500, five sewing machines and a handful of cotton cloth in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He initially decided to make buggy whips as well, but wisely observed that those might have a limited future. By 1910, his company was focusing exclusively on high quality gloves. The lesson has stuck with us, and ever since our brief foray into buggy whips, we’ve always believed in looking ahead and focusing on being the best at what we do.